Thursday, 21 January 2016

Love is like a small Pearl, Sea, Sea-shore, Nature, Natural Love, Life is a journey, Journey in a sea, ocean, Nature's ocean, universe


Love is like a small Pearl and I just to love to take it away, away with me far away where I could open my palm and could see my Love Pearl sitting alone, slowly opening my eyes, slowly opening my Palm, and slowly touching the Pearl with my eyebrows just to pray God to keep it's natural beauty for ever

Little Darling : Your Love is Precious, Daughter, My Soul. My Childhood Memories, Hopes, Deservings, Dreams


Little Darling : Your Love is Precious
Treat your soul like a little daughter and you will find how she want to fly, how she want to retreat, linger and lurk, how she want to get everything lost somewhere in past, how much soft and sensitive she is. you ask that little girl your young little soul what you want and she will reply:- 
your love is precious